Stone Countertop Alternatives Omaha


Epoxy countertops are a great alternative to stone countertops. Epoxy can be applied to any solid surface countertop to have the appearance of a stone countertop. Epoxy countertops are the fraction of the cost of installation of stone countertops such as granite countertops, marble countertops and quartz countertops. Epoxy can be customized to emphasize the veins of a marble countertop. Epoxy countertops can also be customized to a design of your choice. Epoxy countertops are very durable like stone countertops.

Epoxy Countertops are very easy and stress-free to maintain. Unlike the amount of maintenance required for stone countertops like quartz and marble, Epoxy countertops require little to no maintenance. There is no need to tear out the existing countertops because we pour the epoxy resin right over your existing countertops that creates a unique, one of a kind color- schemes. When the epoxy is resin is a non-porous material and does not allow bacteria to get under the surface or in seams, like granite.


Granite Countertop Alternative

Epoxy is a great alternative to granite. Our experts at Kings Home Kreations can design your epoxy countertops to look like any color and design of granite. Your epoxy countertops can be as vivid or neutral as you would like. The granite countertop alternative is much cheaper by about half. The days of tearing out old counter tops and installing granite are over, stone alternative epoxy countertops will save you a lot of time and most importantly money.


Marble Countertop Alternative


Epoxy countertops are a great alternative to Marble. Kings Home Kreations can create the look of marble for much cheaper than actual marble countertops. Epoxy can be poured and designed to look like a unique design of marble either vivid or a more neutral look. Our experts can pour and design the epoxy resin to look exactly like marble. The marble countertop alternative is cheaper, quicker, and easier to install than real marble. The days of selecting, buying, waiting and demo are over. Kings Home Kreations will save you money and time with epoxy countertops that look like marble.


Quartz Countertop Alternative


Epoxy countertops are a great quartz countertop alternative. Epoxy countertops can be designed to look identical to quartz or be customized to be nearly any color, unlike marble. Marble and other natural stone cannot be customized in the same way that epoxy can. Quartz countertop alternative will save you money because it is very inexpensive compared to quartz and other natural stone countertops. Epoxy resin is poured over your existing countertops and our experts design the epoxy resin to make it look identical to quartz.


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