Shower/Tub Resurfacing Omaha


After years of usage and cleaning, showers and tubs can wear out. The finish can wear away and tubs can become porous. Dirt, grime and hard water stains get trapped within the pores and become impossible to clean. Abrasive cleaners can also contribute to your shower and tub wear and tear. Instead of tearing out and buying a new shower or tub, Kings Home Kreations can save you time and money but resurfacing your shower or tub. Shower and tub resurfacing can restore it to its original condition. Kings Home Kreations can fully customize the look of your shower or tub. Whatever you want we can do it!

Save Money with Resurfacing


Resurfacing your shower or tub can save you hundreds of dollars. Bathtub resurfacing, bathtub restoring, however you describe it, is more cost effective than replacing your existing bathtub or shower. Resurfacing a fiberglass or acrylic bathtub can save you over $2,500 from replacing the entire thing. A replacement bathtub or shower often does not have the same quality as your original one. Once our experts are done refinishing your shower or bathtub, you will think we installed a brand new bathtub or shower.

Over the years of use and cleaning, the original finish starts to wear away. The fiberglass becomes weak and starts to show more stains becomes harder to clean. Abrasive cleaners that are used only contribute to the wear and cause more harm than good. A resurfaced shower or tub will make your shower or tub look brand new and if you decide to customize it, it will look like an entirely different shower or tub. If you are unsure if you should restore or replace your existing shower or tub, contact Kings Home Kreations today and let us help you decide what the next step is.

Quality Resurfacing


Kings Home Kreations resurfaces showers and bathtubs by applying a raw fiberglass compound making it look brand new again and then sealing it with a finish coat. The end result is that it will look brand new, last longer and be easier to clean.

You do not have to worry that resurfacing will not uphold to normal wear or tear. Resurfacing offers the highest abrasion resistance available, meaning it holds up to normal wear and tear. You don’t have worry about cracks or chips if you drop things like a shampoo bottle, resurfacing is impact resistant. Resurfacing is resistant to extreme temperatures and will not fade or turn yellow like epoxy coatings.

Kings Home Kreations can resurface showers and tubs that have holes or cracks in them. The experts at Kings Home Kreations will access any holes, cracks or chips to make sure that the crack, hole or chip has not compromised the support. In the case that there is “give” when pressure is applied, our experts will place an inlay to give support to those areas. Once the inlay is placed, the normal resurfacing process is completed.

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