Resurfacing Bellevue, NE


Kings Home Kreations is Bellevue’s choice when it comes to resurfacing. Our experts know how important quality is and we can give you the desired look by saving you money and time. There is no need to break the bank to update your home surfaces. Kings Home Kreations can save you money on countertop resurfacing so you can put that money in other elements of your project or Bellevue home.

Whether you are looking at resurfacing your kitchen or bathroom vanity counters in your Bellevue home, Kings Home Kreations can do it all. We have many options for you that will leave your Bellevue home looking brand new and like you spent thousands of dollars, but in reality, you spent a fraction of the cost.


Countertop resurfacing


Kings Home Kreations has many affordable options when it comes to countertop resurfacing. Kings Home Kreations has a solution for every countertop and can make your vision come to life. Whether you want kitchen countertops that look like quartz, granite or marble, we can make that happen with epoxy resurfacing.


Epoxy Countertop Resurfacing


Epoxy gives your Bellevue home countertops the look of granite, quartz or marble. Epoxy is also completely customizable so you can create your own design and we can pour it with that design in mind. Epoxy Countertop resurfacing is a great option that is a fraction of the price of new stone countertops. Epoxy resurfacing requires no demo and is poured over your existing countertops. The process takes a couple of days so no waiting any installation. Epoxy is extremely durable, and maintenance is very easy. It is stain, and abrasion resistant.


Bathroom Vanity Resurfacing


Bathrooms that are out of date can be difficult to redo since bathroom are not easy to go without and expensive to redo. Kings Home Kreations can redo your bathroom vanity countertops for the fraction of the price of installing a new bathroom vanity. We can take an outdated bathroom vanity and make it look like a brand new, freshly installed bathroom vanity in your Bellevue home.


Shower and Tub Resurfacing


Showers and tubs are costly and can quickly become outdated and worn after continuous use and cleaning. Kings Home Creations can take your current shower and or bath and resurface them to make them look brand new in your Bellevue home. When remodeling your Bellevue home, let Kings Home Creations save you money by resurfacing your shower and tub.