Epoxy Floors Omaha


Epoxy floors are a great addition to any Omaha or Lincoln home or commercial space. Epoxy floors are a durable surface that require little maintenance. Epoxy floors are completely customizable and are built to last. Epoxy floors are ideal for industrial businesses, kitchen floors, basement floors, garage floor or any floor around your home or commercial space.

Epoxy Floor Customization


Epoxy floors are customizable so whether you want a clean look, a stone look or something completely unique and interesting, our experts at Kings Home Kreations in Omaha can create it. Epoxy floor process take about two days. There is no demolition involved, our crew comes in and pours epoxy all over the existing floor, leaving you with a unique design of your choosing when completed. Kings Home Kreations only uses the best, most durable materials to create your high-quality floors.

Epoxy is similar to quartz or granite, but epoxy allows you to have a custom design. The epoxy does all the work when creating a design. Our crew pours multiple layers of epoxy and your choice of colors onto your existing floor. The existing can be any kind of surface, from title to concrete. Epoxy floors give you a shiny glossy surface that can increase brightness in the area. Epoxy floors are built to withstand heavy and continuous traffic while being slip resistant. There are never two floors that will look the same. Every Epoxy floor is one of a kind.

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