Epoxy Countertops Omaha


Over the past couple of years, Epoxy Countertops have become increasing popular. Epoxy is a great alternative to stone countertops like quartz or granite. Epoxy countertops are half the price and half the maintenance. The maintenance is stress-free and easy. Epoxy countertops are made from a non-porous material so bacteria cannot get underneath the surface of the countertop or in the seams. Epoxy countertops do not require special cleaners or polishes like stone countertops require. Epoxy countertops will retain its appeal and shine for years to come. Kings Home Kreations can customize any epoxy countertop to make them truly your style.

Another great thing about epoxy countertops, since they do not have seams like traditional stone countertops, they do not have to be sealed twice a year. Epoxy countertops do not scratch or chip easily. If for some reason they do chip or scratch, they are easily repaired with a little sanding. If your epoxy countertops have knife cuts, scratches or burns from hot plates and pots, Kings Home Kreations will come to your home and repair your epoxy countertop to make them look brand new.


Epoxy Installation process

Epoxy countertops have a unique installation process. Epoxy is made from resin that is mixed and then poured right on top of the existing countertop. During the pour, colors that have been chosen will be incorporated by using different techniques to make your countertops a unique or natural design. The installation process takes up to two days, allowing you to start using your countertops on the third day.

Epoxy countertops are completely customizable so you can put your own style and uniqueness into your kitchen. Epoxy give you a choice of creating a black, white or neutral countertop. You are also able to be creative and have swirls or glitter added. All Epoxy countertops are different and are not your cookie cutter countertop. Kings Home Kreations can create a durable, easy to maintain and a unique countertop that will be the conversation starter in your kitchen!

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